“Certain objects are born with a destiny: that of remaining objects of desire in the collective imagination, independently of changes in fashion. Those objects are the reason I am a collector.”
Davide Parmegiani


First and foremost a collector, by his own definition, Davide Parmegiani is both an enthusiast and connoisseur of vintage watches. Two sides to his nature that have made him a world authority in the market for timepieces, as well as a curator of collections and an advisor for major investments in the field.

In the same way that a gallery curator selects with care the works of art making up a collection, Davide Parmegiani explores, seeks out and chooses the individual pieces to form the cultural heritage of the collection’s owner and creator.

The same passion, skills and know-how are also at the service of those who see vintage watches as an investment opportunity. In seeking out the most suitable pieces, Davide offers a complete consultancy service, from the choice of the watch to the time required to bring the investment to maturity.

Engaging the services of Davide Parmegiani means the assurance of obtaining the best piece available on the market and, consequently, an excellent return on the investment made.